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Space shuttle Endeavour and its crew of six glided onto Runway 15 at the Kennedy Space Center after spending nine days in space on the STS-72 mission, the first shuttle flight of 1996.  During the mission, the crew retrieved the Japanese Space Flyer Unit (SFU), the deployed and participated in two spacewalks. STS-126, Endeavour’s next mission, is slated to launch on Nov. 14, 2008.

(21 April 1972) —- View of the Lunar Module (LM) “Orion” parked on the lunar surface. During their post mission press conference, the Apollo 16 crewmembers called attention to the steerable S-band antenna, which was “frozen” in a yaw axis during much of the flight. This view of the LM was photographed by astronaut Charles M. Duke Jr., the lunar module pilot, during the mission’s first extravehicular activity (EVA). Astronauts John W. Young, commander, and Duke had earlier descended in the LM to explore the Descartes region of the moon, while astronaut Thomas K. Mattingly II, command module pilot, remained with the Command and Service Modules (CSM) “Casper” in lunar orbit.

Photo http://fashionstyleplanet.blogspot.com/2014/04/photo_3246.html